Get involved!

Are you a student, researcher or organization with an interest in ETHOS Lab? Then you should consider joining us or starting a collaboration. Read more about the different options below.

Affiliate with the research group
If you are interested in becoming a part of the research group in the ETHOS Lab please write Head of Lab Rachel Douglas-Jones at

Organisational collaboration
If you represent an organisation and wish to begin a collaboration or learn more about what value ETHOS Lab might represent for you, please write Head of Lab Marisa Cohn at or read more here.

Junior researchers and community members

ETHOS Lab is looking for members who are interested in contributing to the work we do in the lab and building the community. At the same time, we offer members a chance of developing their skills and competencies. At ETHOS, we view members as competent individuals with unique sets of skills, and we strive to engage members in activities that suit their interests and skill sets.

There are two ways you can become affiliated with ETHOS Lab. You can become a Junior Researcher or a Community Member.

Junior Researchers work as volunteers in the lab. They are assigned to research projects within themes of their own choosing and they will receive supervision from a researcher from the research group. They will also be a part of either the management, communication, or tech team which occasionally help out with daily operations. As a Junior Researcher you are expected to spend a minimum of three hours a week in the lab working on the research project and attending the weekly staff meeting. In return you are given access to the lab’s resources and tools, expertise, workshops, insight into the internal workings of the lab and the chance to influence its development.

Community Members will be invited to data sprints, social activities and other exclusive events we host in the lab. Community Members are more loosely connected to the lab than the junior researchers, since they are not a part of the staff and they are not required to put in any hours in the lab. We invite you to become a community member if you share our interests in data, digital methods etc. and wish to gain insights into a research lab.

If either of these roles sound like something that would be interesting for you, send an e-mail to Marie Blønd at