Project output

This page presents an overview of outputs of the research project in the following order: scientific publications, opinion pieces, public events and workshops and talks (Last updated April 2018).

Scientific publications (articles, books and book reviews)


  • Cohn, M.L. submitted. “Speculative Legacies, Imagined Inheritances,” In Ballestero, A. and Winthereik, B.R. The Ethnographic Effect – A Companion to Analysis (in negotiation with Duke).
  • Douglas-Jones, R. submitted. “Drawing as Analysis: Thinking in Images, Writing in Words”. In Ballestero, A. and Winthereik, B.R. The Ethnographic Effect – A Companion to Analysis (in negotiation with Duke).
  • Winthereik, B.R. submitted. Seeing through infrastructure: Ethnographies of HealthIT, Development Aid, Energy and Big Tech. Inaugural lecture submitted for publication with STS Encounters.
  • Winthereik, B.R. & Maguire, J. submitted. Amplifying Relations through Podcasting. In Ballestero, A. and Winthereik, B.R. The Ethnographic Effect – A Companion to Analysis (in negotiation with Duke).


  • Cohn, M.L. forthcoming. “Keeping Software Present: Software as a Timely Object for Digital STS,” Digital STS: A Fieldguide and Handbook, Eds. J. Vertesi and D. Ribes. Princeton University Press, Estimated Publication 2018.
  • Gad, C. & Ratner, H. accepted. Data warehousing organization: infrastructural experimentation with educational governance. Organization, special issue on Organizational Ethnography.
  • Neumayer C, & Struthers DM. Social media as activist archives. In: Mortensen M, Neumayer C, & Poell T (Eds). Social Media Materialities and Protest: Critical Reflections. Routledge series Critical Perspectives on Citizen Media.
  • Schou, J. & Hjelholt, M. accepted. Digital citizenship and neoliberalization: governing digital citizens in Denmark. Citizenship Studies.


  • Hjelholt, M. & Schou, J. 2018. The digital divide and citizen classifications: the inscription of citizens into the state. In M Ragnedda & G Muschert (eds), Theorizing Digital Divides, pp. 173-185. London: Routledge.
  • Schou, J. & Hjelholt, M. 2018. Digitalization and Public Sector Transformations. New York: Palgrave Macmillan.


  • Cohn, M.L. 2017. ‘Lifetime Issues’: Temporal Relations of Design and Maintenance. continent., Issue 6.1: 4-12.
  • Hjelholt, M & Schou, J. 2017. Den digitale borger [The Digital Citizen]. København: Hans Reitzels Forlag.
  • Hjelholt, M & Schou, J. 2017. Digital Lifestyles Between Solidarity, Discipline and Neoliberalism: On the Historical Transformations of the Danish IT Political Field from 1994 to 2016. tripleC, vol 15, no. 1, pp. 370-389.
  • Schou, J. 2017. Hvordan skabes et alternativ? Om det radikale demokratis mulighedsbetingelser. Politik, 3(20), pp. 138-153.
  • Schou, J. 2017. Jan-Peter Voß and Richard Freeman (eds.) 2016 Knowing Governance: The Epistemic Construction of Political Order. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.’ Science & Technology Studies, vol 30, no. 2, pp. 77-79. DOI: 10.23987/sts.63109 ·
  • Schou, J & Hjelholt, M. 2017. Digitalizing the welfare state: citizenship discourses in Danish digitalization strategies from 2002 to 2015. Critical Policy Studies, pp. 1-20, DOI: 10.1080/19460171.2017.1333441
  • Vertesi, J., Ribes, D., Forlano, L., Loukissas, Y. and M.L. Cohn. 2017. “Engaging, Designing and Making Digital Technologies,” The Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, Fourth Edition. MIT Press: 169-194.
  • Winthereik, B.R. 2017. Review of Noortje Marres: Digital Sociology. The Reinvention of Social Research. Science and Technology Studies 30(1): 54-55.

Opinion Pieces



  • Douglas-Jones, R., 2017. “Notes from Inside a Twitter Experiment” #emergingdigitalpractices series, Allegra Laboratory #Colleex
  • Hjelholt, M., & Schou, J. 2017. Ny vision for offentlig digitalisering: Lad kuglerammen og stopuret hvile. Version2,
  • Hockenhull, M. & Winthereik, B.R. 2017. Blog post: Rig Data – En fortolkende tilgang giver data værdi
  • Schou, J. & Hjelholt, M. 2017, 6 June. Who are we – the digital citizens? Metadata: EthosLab.
  • Winthereik, B.R. 2017. Debat: Datalov underminerer borgernes frihed. Politiken
  • Winthereik, B.R. & Gorm, N. 2017. Efterhånden som teknologierne bliver mere intelligente, bliver vi selv mere som ting. Information.

Public events and workshops

Public events

  • Digitale dilemmaer: Hvordan forandrer data den offentlige sektor? March 13, 2018, 14:30 – 16:00. Number of participants: 190 signed-up for conference. Event link with video:
  • Data as Relation “Opening Launch Event.” March 9th, 2017, 11.30 – 17.00. Number of participants: 80. Event link with video:


  • Workshop with Stuart Geiger on computational methods in interpretivist research. March 27 at 10:00, IT University of Copenhagen.
  • Workshop with Sarah Pink. Experiments, Collaboration and Digital Ethnography in Data Spaces. 2nd February 2018, IT University of Copenhagen.
  • Doctoral Workshop: Relating and Intervening in Data-Intensive Environments with Matthew Bietz and David Moats. October 30, 13:30-15:00. IT University of Copenhagen.



  • Winthereik, B. R. & Maguire, J. 2018. Locating Data: Big-Tech’s Data Centers and The State. The Centre for Social Data Science (SODAS), UCPH.
  • Winthereik, B.R. 2018. Big Data in Planning and Practice. Talk at conference organized by Danish Association for Patient Safety.


  • Burnett, J. M. 2017. The DAMD controversy: A digitally informed mapping of issues and their publics. Nordic STS 2017, Gothenburg.
  • Burnett, J. M. 2017. The DAMD controversy: A digitally informed mapping of issues and their publics. Digital Healthcare: social logics, ethics and politics of data and technology provision.
  • Hockenhull, M. 2017. Probing Data Boundaries: Attending to Data Practices. Conference: Organisational Studies after Method
  • Hockenhull, M. 2017. Data as relation. Presentation for the “Big Data Business Innovation” course at DTU.
  • Hockenhull, M. 2017. Data as relation og Datasprint. Presentation and workshop for the Municipality of Copenhagen’s Business Intelligence Network.
  • Hockenhull, M. 2017. “The Widening Gyre of Data Infrastructure Development” at Tinkering with Data: Intersections between Critical Data Studies and Digital Methods. Conference: 4S in Boston.
  • Hockenhull, M. 2017. “Smart city citizens – How database infrastructures count and enact citizens ” Paper Presentation: Peopling ‘Europe’ through Data Practices Workshop
  • Jørgensen, B. 2017. “New relations in the data-driven Tax Administration – Following a data model from development to integration”. Paper Presentation: After Methods Conference, Sweden.                     
  • Jørgensen, B. 2017. “Organizational tensions in the quest for a data-driven Tax Administration”. Paper Presentations: Nordic STS, Gothenburg and 4S, Boston.                                                             
  • Neumayer, C. 2017. “Social media materialities and political struggle: Power, images, and networks”. IS4SI Summit: Digitalisation for a Sustainable Society. 12-16 June, 2017, Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • Neumayer, C. 2017. “Can computers see riots? The algorithmic detection of violence in images of protest” at the ECREA Communication and Democracy section conference ‘Digital Democracy: Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data, 10-11 November, 2017, Södertörn University, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Neumayer, C. 2017. “(Big) social media data for social movement studies” at the Summer School on Media in Political Participation and Mobilization, 26-30 June, 2017, Scuola Normale Superiore, Florence, Italy.
  • Schou, J. and Hjelholt, M. 2017. The Digital Outcasts: Producing Marginality in the Digital Welfare State. 15th ESPAnet Conference: New Horizons of European social policy, September 14 to 16, 2017
  • Schou, J. 2017. Towards a Cultural Political Economy of Digitalization and Neoliberal Statecraft. Third International Conference on Cultural Political Economy: Taking Issues in/with Cultural Political Economy, 6th to 8th September 2017, Lancaster University
  • Schou, J. and Hjelholt, M. 2017. The Moral Economy of the Digital Welfare State: Fostering Efficiency and Nurturing Neoliberalism. Data Power 2017: An international conference on (big) data & power, Carleton University 22nd & 23rd June 2017.
  • Winthereik, B. R. 2017. Big data er ikke den nye olie – men kan støtte lederens opfindsomhed. Talk held three times at event for public managers organised by Institute for Digitalisation, at Infinit-innovation network for IT, and at Union meeting at Gladsaxe Municipality.
  • Winthereik, B. R. 2017. The Assiduous Patient as Infrastructure of Health Care systems. Key notes given at University of Aarhus ‘Infrastructures for Health Care’ and at University of Sussex ‘Reconfiguring Care Infrastructures: Austerity and Innovation in European Welfare Services’.
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