Data as Relation: Governance in the Age of Big Data consists of six subprojects. Each subproject explores how everyday lives of citizens are negotiated in the digitalisation of society. At the same time, the project investigates the question of how the digital society is simultaneously shaped by institutional and social practices.

At the Margins of Digital Data: Re-inventing citizenship
Project members: Associate Professor Morten Hjelholt, Assistant Professor Christina Neumayer, PhD Fellow Jannick Schou
Research question: How are new margins and competences produced through digitzation?
Theme: Data-Citizenship
Partners: Citizen Service (Borgerservice) The Agency of Digitization (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen)

Infrastructures and Valuation in a Smart City Marketplace
Project members: Associate Professor Marisa Cohn,  Associate Professor Christopher Gad, PhD Fellow Michael Hockenhull 
Research question: How are values negotiated in the process of commercializing public data?
Theme: Public-Private Partnership
Partners: Hitachi Municipality of Copenhagen

When Apple comes to Town: Locating the Dataverse
Project members: Associate Professor Brit Ross Winthereik, Post Doc James Maguire
Research question: How is collaboration between regions and large tech corporations impacting on center-periphery divides?
Theme: Data geographies
Partners: Municipality of Viborg, Denmark, Municipality of Athenry, Ireland

Thinking Computationally? Knowing citizens through big data
Project members: Associate Professor Brit Ross Winthereik, Associate Professor Christopher Gad, PhD Fellow Bastian Jørgensen
Research question: What new organizational logics occur through data modelling and prediction and to what effects?
Theme: Prediction and profiling
Partners: Danish tax authorities (SKAT)

Bodies of data: The health of the nation in a time of infrastructural change
Project members: Professor Mark Elam, Associate Professor Rachel Douglas-Jones, PhD Fellow John Mark Burnett
Research question: What new economies are being generated through European health data infrastructures?
Theme: Transnational governance
Partners: Danish Health Data Authority

Big Data Stories: Intervening with Data and Visualisations
Project members: Associate Professor Laura Watts, Associate Professor Luca Rossi, Associate Professor Marisa Cohn
Research question: How can fiction and digital storytelling techniques be used to inform government big data practices?
Theme: Interventions
Partners: All above partners, labs and ETHOS Lab affiliations in Paris, Amsterdam, London and Irvine, California

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