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October 2016 – DigIT study group launches a series of events at the ITU. Read about Instagram algorithms and twitter data analysis, Copenhagen Culture Night 2016, see pictures from the first of 2 Dataspring events with HUMLab and The Royal Danish Library, and say hello to the new junior researchers.

September 2016 – Read about the Python Study Group, the second article in Jan Redzisz series of three, results from our collaboration with Analyse & Tal and DSF, and an introduction of our two newest members of staff.

June 2016 – “Jubliant June”. Thesis students are handing in and are enjoying themselves in the great weather Denmark is currently experiencing. In this newsletter you can read about the upcoming publicETHOS about GIS technology, about the datasprint series the lab will be hosting in the fall of 2016 with the Royal Library and HUMlab and about the new research intern, Jan Redzisz, who will be guesting the lab for a while.

May 2016 – Exams are upon the ITU and it is palpable. Read about the concluded poster session with Bowker and Brown and see the students’ posters, about our most recent series of datasprints with partner Analyse & Tal and the blogpost by junior researcher Alexander Leise-Hansen on his thesis and why you are not a pirate…

April 2016 – Read about the grant ‘Data as Relation’ which ETHOS Lab is involved in, an academic poster session with Geoffrey Bowker and Steven Brown, a report on students’ opinion on university-industry collaboration and the Ignite event with Hexagon Geospatial.

March 2016 – Introducing our new Junior Researchers, our latest industry partner, Analyse & Tal, and reintroducing our popular participant-driven Python Programming Study Group.

February 2016 – Read about the publicETHOS event with DAMVAD Analytics, PhD course with Geoffrey Bowker, open positions in ETHOS Lab and the coming semester in the lab.

December 2015 – Read about Geoffrey Bowker’s visit to the ITU this coming semester, the ETHOS research project concerning ‘data sprinting’ and the open project database hosted by ETHOS Lab.

November 2015 – Read about the upcoming publicETHOS event about researching Facebook data with Python, available student projects, datasprint with the company Mindshare and more.

October 2015 – Read about ETHOS Lab’s presence at the ITU Culture Night, more on the Python study group and the new female coding initiative.

September 2015 – School’s back in session here at ITU, and in this month’s newsletter you will learn more about our recent collaboration with ITU Innovators, the emerging field of Computational Thinking, and how to become a part of our Python Programming study group.

June 2015 – Read about ETHOS on Twitter, Hitachi Consulting’s SmartCopenhagen Big Data Marketplace, publicETHOS #2 on the value of a University degree, digital methods tutorials on YouTube and more.

May 2015 – Read about Big Data specialization at ITU, our collaboration with GATEWAY and an article by Michael, our lab manager, on the value of methods.

April 2015 – Read about the launch of ETHOS Lab and publicETHOS#1 with Fabio Giglietto.